Investment Funds

Experienced Director with specialist knowledge with 35 years experience of Risk and Investment.

Providing support from set up through to ongoing business.

Non Executive and/or  Operational Director for SPVs

Expertise on loan related vehicles direct or CLOs

Independent Non Executive Director taking responsibility for Risk built on experience garnered over career managing assets as Wealth Manager, Trader, Asset Manager and Treasurer. Variety of financial instruments used in number of strategies based on economic fundamentals and market technicals.

Designated Person for Risk

Designing Risk Framework process that is deliverable and compliant with UCITS and AIFMD regulations.

  • Independent Director to UCITS and AIFs
  • Designated Person for Risk 
  • Specialising in Risk and Investment management
  • Strategies utilising Equity, Fixed Income, Loans, Property, Credit, ABS,
  • Foreign Exchange Spot & Forward, IRS, Futures, Options & CDS
  • Developed, Developing and Emerging Markets
  • Risk Framework set up and implementation
  • Regulatory Documentation and support
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Subject Matter Expert

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